by Jeremy Skiba


DETROIT, MI – The National Roller Hockey League is proud to announce Colin Sinclair has been added as a partner to the league.

Serving as a partner for the NRHL, Sinclair will be responsible for helping the outlook of the league, advising with any additions to franchises, implementing a structure to the league and making sure the bylaws of the league are followed. He will also assist with on-boarding team franchises.

Trevor Johnson – NRHL VP Corporate Relations & Expansion – played junior hockey and conducted business relationships with Colin.

"Colin was an amazing player on the ice. It was a great time playing together. I knew I had to work with Colin when we had the opportunity to work together in the past. His work ethic and knowledge is a perfect fit for the NRHL team," Trevor stated. "Colin owns and operates numerous companies, as well as worked with multiple sports leagues on franchise acquisitions".  

Sinclair's background includes overseeing the expansive process of different junior hockey leagues in Canada as well as several professional sports leagues. He brings a tremendous understanding of what policies and procedures need to be followed to on-board leagues and what processes are necessary to run a league.

“I love my job and I love to work. I have a variety of roles in the jobs I currently have. I’ve been doing this for a while so I bring some experience to the table with a strong passion for sports. Outside of working with junior and professional teams, I coach three local youth hockey teams,” Sinclair said. “I run after- school youth programs also. By putting all my experiences together, I know I can be a benefit for the NRHL and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the season.”

NRHL Commissioner Bobby Clouston knows that with Sinclair as a partner, the league has added a huge addition to their back end.

“Colin is going to be such a huge help for us running this league and assisting with franchises. He has so much experience at such a young age and we are pleased to have him on our team,” Clouston stated. “We know he will be a helping hand for franchises and will make the league's operations run smoothly.”

Sinclair played ice hockey for the Kootenay Ice of the WHL for five seasons, winning a Memorial Cup. He went on to play college hockey at the University of New Brunswick before playing two seasons in the ECHL and two seasons of his career in Norway.

Sinclair is happily married with a wife and three kids. 

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